Regular Guy News Flush

The Ochelli Effect 11-25-2019 Regular Joe

Regular Guy News Flush

Chuck and Joe continued their rebellion against the non-sense in the alleged news and information streams.

It may take until December to fix the SSL on the website. The plan to create different podcasts this week did not quite work out this week.

Chuck tells a \nother story related to the town Lacey N.J. that will not be included in his book. It is a radio-friendly version of the story about a high octane half hour that takes place about ten years after the “Lacey Sam” events. Joe stayed on for the story and this pod is oddly broken into pieces.

The end of the show is a special message to those that might find the holidays too dark to endure. Drugs and Suicide are a big part of what destroys us all as a whole in the US. It doesn’t need to be this way.

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Regular Guy News Flush

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Regular Guy News Flush – The Ochelli Effect 11-25-2019 Regular Joe