Regular Guy Epstein Kurds

The Ochelli Effect 10-7-2019 Regular Joe

Regular Guy Epstein Kurds

We got into the dirt. How dirty is it? Regular Joe did the Regular Guy News Hour as a last-minute pinch-runner on pirated knowledge.

The Epstein reminder was about AG Barr’s father and how a sci-fi breading novel ends up in the same universe as the Lolita Express. Chuck and Joe managed to make time to bash Florida less than was planned.

Do you like ice cream? Are Guinea Pigs friends, not food? One story Chuck reads from the Associated Press may leave a bad taste in your brain.

Hairdressers live in a strange sub-culture. Does everyone remember the NFL owner that got a discount happy ending? Is this all a bargain for you?

What a greasy world.

Stories Referenced and Read:

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Regular Guy Epstein Kurds

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Regular Guy Epstein Kurds – The Ochelli Effect 10-7-2019 Regular Joe