Regular Guy Alien Authority

The Ochelli Effect 9-20-2019 Regular Joe

Regular Joe joined us for his less than regular segment, Regular Guy News Hour. This Friar’s Day seemed to present news that demanded the regular guy treatment. When is it a bad idea to beat down a thief with a bat? How badly do people really want to get in at Area 51?

Topics during the discussion covered The Area 51 raid, Stopping burglars, Bill Burr, Dancing with the stars, and embarrassing Italians. Only one “Canadian” was arrested during Alienstock, and it wasn’t Barry Prince. Sadly Trump could not be avoided during the show.

Did you ever hear a story about a woman stopping at a gas station and finding someone hiding in their car? We covered that too, except there were a few twists. Would it be a bad idea for a man to call the cops if a woman surprised him by jumping out of his trunk in a bloody condition and ran away?

Regular Guy Alien Authority


Chuck continued in the second hour by himself. A look at trust levels in authority figures and a few other random thoughts consumed the remainder of the show. No one called in. The U.S. Military acknowledged UFOs as UAP. Chuck was in a bad mood and that may have shown through. It may be a very strange listen next week. Also, let us know if Short Attention Span DJ Theater is worth doing.

Regular Guy Alien Authority

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Regular Guy Alien Authority – The Ochelli Effect 9-20-2019 Regular Joe

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