rebellion vs empire

The Ochelli Effect 6-18-2018 Chris Jay

Chris Jay is the host of a radio show / Podcast called The Voice of Rebellion. Starting this week, the show will make it’s home here at Chris is a young voice in the wilderness of allegedly alternative media who has been busy for years doing a show that presents a unique point of view on politics and social concepts.

Chuck will be producing the show , but Chris will be solely responsible for its content. Chuck believes the show will go beyond its previous description Taken from UCY.TV – Voice of Rebellion Radio brings real geopolitical insight each week, sharing an acute understanding of the New World Order strategies being played throughout the world by the Zionists, Fascists, and counter-revolutionaries in the ever more urgent battle between individual freedoms and ruling elite domination.

On this Monday Ochelli Effect, Chris, and Chuck discuss the destructive U.S. policies in Latin America, The War on Terror, and the debate over Russia’s actual role in geopolitical affairs. Also covered is the re-education of the alternative media that has done irreparable damage to activism in general, and previously active efforts to educate people about topics ranging from the attacks on 9-11-2001, To the role of giant corporations in the mass poisoning of the population.

We hope you will enjoy the next steps in the evolution of Voice of Rebellion Radio.

rebellion vs empire

First Time Chuck and Chris did 2 hours together

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rebellion vs empire – The Ochelli Effect 6-18-2018 Chris Jay