reality winner nsa leak

reality winner nsa leak

The Ochelli Effect 2-28-2018 – reality winner nsa leak and The Winter Of Reality’s Discontent

This W Odin’s Day we begin with a discussion regarding the much forgotten issue of an NSA contractor allegedly leaking a document Named Reality Winner. Kevin Gosztola from givens us an update on Mrs. Winner’s legal case and reminds us of a seemingly forgotten story that began in public when the Intercept published a document last year. Kevin is speaking to us by phone while at the Atlanta International Travel Hub. Are Truth Tellers any less in danger under Trump than they were under Obama? Many questions are answered in this first hour. For more we suggest the following LINKS:

reality winner nsa leak LINKS

Kevin on Reality Winner

Second hour Aaron Franz drops in to continue the interesting discussion started on Tuesday with Porkins and expand quite a bit more. all this after we hear from UNCLE during the break. Aaron also continued on after the normal broadcast to become part of The After Effect series , but you have to be a member here or support Ochelli on Patreon to get that if you missed the LIVE broadcast.

An interesting mid-week Ochelli Effect : reality winner nsa leak

Aaron Franz work =

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Ochelli Effect : reality winner nsa leak and the winter of reality’s discontent – 2-28-2018 Kevin Gosztola & Aaron Franz

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