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The Ochelli Effect 7-12-2018 Kevin Gosztola and Carmine Savastano

The Reality Leigh Winner Case has not received the coverage the story seems to demand. Kevin Gosztola Discusses Reality Winner and why he seems to be the only journalist writing about her case currently. Carmine Savastano is with us in the first hour presenting a more conventional view of the crooked justice system than Chuck does. We learned about the billboard put up in Augusta Georgis in support of Reality. We handled the topics of her treatment while in custody as well. Why is the punishment for her action as harsh as it is? Was there any real damage done? Is the military influence over local communities a factor in prosecutions? The status of the plea agreement is also covered.

The second hour started late. There was quite a difference between Chuck and Carmine on how the view the Reality Winner case. The circus in Congress earlier in the day was also entered into the discussion. The Russian issue is far from resolved, but those who claim there is there is nothing to the story of Russian meddling in the 2016 Selection are not really living on the same planet as most of us. What is legal is not always correct.

The Ochelli Effect will continue to cover this story. Chuck personally respects and appreciates the actions of a young lady born the same year he graduated High School doing a service to the American people at a significant cost to herself.

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Reality Winner latest news

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Reality Winner latest news – The Ochelli Effect 7-12-2018 Kevin Gosztola and Carmine Savastano