Reality Television Gone Wild

The Ochelli Effect 7-31-2018 James Corbett and Pearse Redmond

Hour 1 :

James Corbett discusses with Chuck his view of the newest Normal. What happens when the bubbles people build for themselves collide with the latest algorithms? Does any presenter in media have an objective agenda? How has James maintained his integrity over the past decade that Chuck has been a fan of his work?

What news is actually news? Is QAnon just another symptom of the false digital reality? Why is No one discussing Reality Winner? How do the nation of Japan and the rest of that region of the world operate in a post-American prominence paradigm? There is a heat wave worldwide. Where have all the 9/11 Truthers gone?

Style and substance of The Corbett Report and The Ochelli Effect are compared. Is Chuck confused? Is The World just a confusing Place? Does Roger Stone deserve much more credit for the Reality TV Show we have going on in the White House today? You can still support The Corbett Report for one dollar a month.

James Corbett is one of those who directly inspired the creation of The Ochelli Effect, along with a handful of others.


Hour 2 :

Pearse Redmond knocks out the hour after a pretty rough day in his personal life. The Patreon bonus podcast Chuck and Pearse recently did on the show Counterpart. Chuck credits Pearse with some recent guests appearing on The Ochelli Effect.

Is North Korea just another off the shelf boogeyman at the end of the day? What is Religious Freedom? Also, why does it need a task force? Porkins does things the Porkins Way. Is Orwell’s vision making its way into the material world? What has Pearse been focused on in his recent work?

Is Christian Paranoia out of control? How much winning can we all stand? Is Sacha Baron Cohen funny? When did Satan stop taking Dick Chaney’s calls? The Deep State is the State. What is a religious Cult? Are Trump Supporters like Cult members? Waterboarding and collectibles are not often mentioned together.

Twitter is not real life. Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes Trump can explain it all. Roger Stone really is an evil genius.

Both hours are solid conversations with people who believe in what they are doing. Do You?

Reality Television Gone Wild

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Reality Television Gone Wild