real killer clowns 2018

The Ochelli Effect 4-25-2018 Chuck Solo

real killer clowns 2018

News and The religion of science

Chuck is again fighting a cough as he reads from some current articles. How’s The Police State doing? Do fools that seek to manipulate the building blocks of life even know what fire they toy with? What in the hell is an “incel”? Who’s your bogeyman? How long has the “Secret Service” had the worst kept secret of alcohol-fueled things under its cloak? Double Helix versus knots? Why didn’t the cop in Toronto shoot and kill the suspect? In America, we bet he would have had to reload. Were Policy enforcers ever your friends? Near the end of the show, Aaron Franz drops by. Can anyone have faith in the future? New Jersey is entirely corrupt. Also, Chuck does his best to avoid discussing Russian Agent Orange. Do angry people of all sorts find each other on the internet? Chuck was unaware of “Incels”. Will these people be the next wave of terrorists? Is a doctor handing out pills like a “Candyman” really news?  How many killer clowns lurk in the shadows?

real killer clowns 2018

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real killer clowns 2018: The Ochelli Effect 4-25-2018 Chuck Solo