Ready Player One Revolution

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(Aaron’s Notes)
TRR 213

Aaron reminds the listening audience to join Uncle’s New Year’s Revolution live on New Year’s Eve this year. He and Uncle will be having fun and taking calls. After the call to revolution was complete the topic at hand became media, its pitfalls, and ubiquitous dark undercurrent that we all experience. It as at once mysterious and obvious, but not discussed nearly enough.

topics include: live radio, call-in show, fun, media, distribution channels, internet, social media, connectivity, mobile devices, communications, subculture, counterculture, heavy metal, skateboarding, mind games, formulas, playing to a wide audience, political extremism, far right movements, conspiracy culture, alternative media, terrorism, conspiracy behind the conspiracy, change over time, optimism

Utp 119
In preparation for Uncle’s New Year’s Revolution, this week’s show was another test of the Uncle Broadcasting System. Live as always from, Uncle has recently added video streaming via his YouTube channel. Some additional bells and whistles and technical issues were dealt with by sidekick, Aaron, while Uncle took care of the true task at hand, entertaining. A drawn-out dollar store beer review and talk about eating squirrels were all part of the night’s conversation.

topics include: broadcasting, live streaming, radio, video, Ryan Seacrest, New Year’s Eve, Goldmine Premium Lager, Western New York state, living on a farm, meat, grocery stores, audio, chat room, audience participation, interactivity, Patreon, website, comedy show

Ready Player One Revolution

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Ready Player One Revolution