Rape Culture Versus Political Theater

The Ochelli Effect 12-14-2017 Carmine Savastano

Far more than 50 shades of gray on this topic. Rape Culture versus Political Theater are in the news and on the minds of many.
Author Carmine Savastano addresses with Chuck the complex issues connected with the #MeToo movement. Is it growing to a point that it may become a self-defeating paradigm?
Is everything boiling down to legal battles over rather subjective claims, Is being accussed enough to justify action that is destructive to the alleged predator? This is by no means a fully developed conversation.
Is the extreme bias on behalf of alleged victems taken too far ? Or Not Far enough?? A poke in the shoulder becomes something different depending on who is doing the poking?
Where is this all headed ? Is there a scale by which one type of act may be weighed heavier than another , or are all unwanted , uninvited sexual acts created equally?

Rape Culture Versus Political Theater

Carmine’s Section

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Chuck’s section

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Only reasonable resilutions to the current trend will prevent this issue from becoming the subject of future Sinister History Discussions in Chuck’ Opinion. Perhaps MGTOW is not so crazy after all?

Rape Culture Versus Political Theater


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Rape Culture Versus Political Theater