Raging Against Machines

The Ochelli Effect 10-15-2018 Nick Bernabe

Nick Bernabe is the founder of Anti-Media because he saw a need for more independence and diversity in the news media. Nick writes about a range of topics, from media analysis and economics to indigenous rights and activism. He occasionally authors highly controversial opinion editorials that rustle the jimmies of the triggered masses.

Nick and Chuck go into an unscripted conversation about how The Anti-Media was swept into the latest social media purges.

They cover Nick’s background as an activist and his struggles that resulted in a stellar alternative media platform that is actually an alternative to the greater establishments agendas.

Both the Anti-media Radio show and The Ochelli Effect were part of UCY.TV’s radio network.

Raging Against Machines

What does the future hold for The Anti-Media? Is The private sector social media business model fully or partially controlled by the government?

What can any of us do about this? Is there more to come? Is the shut-down of The Anti-Media on Twitter related to the Facebook purge?

Is anti-establishment information threatened with extinction? The Anti-Media is a staple Chuck’s newsfeed, How about yours?

– Partial List of pages taken down on Thursday, October 11, 2018:

The Free Thought Project – 3.1 million fans
The Anti-Media – 2.1 million fans
Police the Police – 1.9 million fans
Cop Block – 1.7 million fans
Filming Cops – 1.4 million fans
V is For Voluntary – 160,000 fans
End the War on Drugs – 460,000 fans
Mass Report – 500,000 fans
Get Involved, You Live Here – 360,000 fans
Press for Truth – 350,000 fans
Political Junkie News Media – 300,000 fans
Murica Today – 180,000 fans
Choice & Truth – 2.9 million fans
You won’t see this on TV – 172,000 fans
Punk Rock Libertarians – 190,000 fans
Reverb Press – 700,000 fans
Nation In Distress – 3.2 million fans
Free Your Mind Conference – 75,000 fans
Right Wing News – 3.6 million fans
Reasonable People United
Psychologic Anarchist
Policing the Police
Cop Logic
Legalizing Cannabis
End the Drug War
Anonymous News

The Bottom Line here, Nick is more Anti-establishment then he is anti-media, and his success may have put a target on the backs of all those working with The Anti-Media.

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A big thank you to Nick Bernabe for appearing on The Ochelli Effect.

The Ochelli Effect 10-15-2018 Nick Bernabe

Raging Against Machines