rafael leonidas trujillo facts

rafael leonidas trujillo facts

The Ochelli Effect 3-15-2018 Carmine Savastano

On This episode of Sinister History Co-Host Carmine Savastano discusses one of the least examined assassinations of the 20th Century. rafael leonidas trujillo .The War Criminal / Dictator does not pose a remotely sympathetic target and still fits quite nicely with the other covert operations of the time that were designed to overthrow or murder many leaders in the alleged interest of The Ubited States.  Chuck still sick merely offers some context and the usual unscripted thoughts he always does , but with a cough and more rougha voice than he carries with him other days … A Solid Thor’s Day and a worthy entry in the Sinister History sub-set . All Credit due to Carmine

rafael leonidas trujillo facts


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rafael leonidas trujillo facts

The Ochelli Effect 3-15-2018 Carmine Savastano : rafael leonidas trujillo facts

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rafael leonidas trujillo facts

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