racial bias test questions

The Ochelli Effect 4-26-2018 with Carmine Savastano

Not quite a typical Thursday. Most times Carmine joins us to educate the listeners on historical horrors. In those efforts, we have covered many circumstances where race was a motive in many horrendous stories of pure brutality. Cruelty, Slavery, The denial of fundamental human rights are part of the human experience. At all times we should try to do better. First, we must allow honest and realistic discussions about bias in all it’s forms to take place. Its constant hyperbolic mentions in current media may not be in proper proportion to the reality. Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, The Simpsons, or whatever people judge to be racist should be addressed with accuracy and care. Your prejudice may vary. Are there far too many people finding racism everywhere they look by choice? Is a world where men and women judge each other on the content of character any closer than it was fifty years ago? Why do the devices of identity politics seem to work so well? Fear? Hate crimes? Equality may never be fully realized. This does not mean striving for it should not be an occupation for all. e-mail complaints blindjfkresearcher@gmail.com

racial bias test questions

On this Thor’s Day edition of the Ochelli Effect Carmine Savastano joins Chuck to discuss the concept of racism. Chuck contends it is so much an ingredient in the American formula that to deny it is nearly as dangerous as to exaggerate it. Is power the key to who can and cannot be racist? Has racial sensitivity gone too far in the alleged liberal lexicon? Is food Racist? How seriously does one take the identity politics when a cartoon series is called out as racist? Carmine takes through some current events, and we discuss the reactions of people in the wake of multip[le situations where race is said to be the factor that caused an uproar. Chuck even defends TRUMP in one of those situations where the term breeding was used. Sadly free speech protection exists to protect some deplorable ideas that get expressed. To deny or simplify the actual level of racism in America does harm. Real discussions like this one need to be had more often. This is by no means the most expansive discussion we could have had, but it’s a start.
racial bias test questions


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racial bias test questions

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racial bias test questions: The Ochelli Effect 4-26-2018