Quid pro status quo

The Ochelli Effect 2-7-2019 Chuck Solo

President Orange Asshat Mint Black History Month Rolls on. Does anyone remember laughter? Did the Washington Post predict the future or was it behind the times 10 years ago? How many marks can an Orange conman con if an orange conman could keep his people straight? Getting through life with a name like Pecker must be a little rough. Does anybody care what I put in the show notes? Hope for a new Player Haters Ball may be misplaced. It is hard to recall an Italian mobster having been prosecuted with evidence he created in e-mail form.

Quid pro status quo. The harasser-in-chief cried foul because his safe space within the free speech zone of elitist puppets is mildly uncomfortable. If you are anywhere near an electronic device you too can be tracked by the NSA or Dog the Bounty Hunter, and there is no reason to be shocked as of 1997. Remember Thou art mortal, Orange Julius Caesar does not know what that means. Extortion is apparently in the eye of the beholder. A guy who owns newspapers published his personal dirty laundry on an independent blog website. The Superb Owl was only days ago. If you didn’t know the UnPatriots achieved their false tribal dominance once more.

Terrorism is ketchup now. It’s not the main course but you can dip and justification entree into it when feeding propaganda to the zombified American public. Sort of like Freedom Fries. Snap into a slim Jim Crow. Why do people take naked pictures of themselves and get surprised by the use of Blackmail tools they have created? No one is asking where the MAGA Bomber went. Many Boogeymen can fit in one BS story. Dick picks are held over a guys head by a trash peddler named Pecker, and that sounds far dirtier than it actually is. Are you worthy of being extorted?

Is it still acceptable to hire thieves to catch thieves? Virginia is only the beginning. The Cato Institute is apparently too busy worshiping Right-wing dogma to remember there just may be an unhappy God somewhere. Cult 45 members are not less hateful no matter how many times they scream it at people they think don’t belong in the country they think they own. Teeth can also be weaponized. If you haven’t been triggered yet, then you are not listening.

Quid pro status quo

Newer World Disorder:

All The Putin’s President Man:

Quid pro status quo

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Quid pro status quo – The Ochelli Effect 2-7-2019 Chuck Solo