Q Fs Things Up 4 Everybody

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle 10-23-2020 Pearse Redmond

Q Fs Things Up 4 Everybody

AoT #292

Pearse Redmond returns to the show to help us all take a look around at the strange place we find ourselves in now. QAnon has come a long way since the days that Pearse and Robbie Martin would talk about it weekly. American foreign policy has taken a political backseat as Trumpism focuses on all things domestic.

topics include: 2020 election, alternative media, conspiracy culture, chemtrails, new kinds of conspiracy theory, QAnon, mainstream media, internet forums, FBI involvement in domestic extremism, terrorism, Islamic terrorism no longer the focus, the militia movement

UTP #199

Uncle welcomes back Pearse Redmond, the policy man, back to the show. Bobby Vaughn also joins the conversations as things come dangerously close to son-in-law’s hour.

topics include: brains, artificial intelligence, Boston Dynamics Spot, Big Dog, Hanson Robotics, Ben Goertzel, Sophia the Robot, Jeffrey Epstein, Top Gun 2, Tom Cruise official Naval airman




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Q Fs Things Up 4 Everybody

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