Q Drinks Masked Vomit Storm

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 4-23-2021

Q Drinks Masked Vomit Storm

AOT #313

You never know what will happen when you’re eating breakfast in Palm Springs. Plastic bags for lumber might almost be as big a problem as impending cyberattacks, but who can be sure?

topics include: Southern California, media professionals, right-wing political personalities, Randy Economy, Katie Hopkins, Repeal Newsome, Caitlyn Jenner, celebrity, virtue signaling of all stripes, Home Depot lumber in small plastic bags, cybersecurity, WEF plan if a cyber attack happens, Q Into the Storm, QAnon, internet forums, message board culture, social media

UTP #222

A special two hundred and twenty-second show for Uncle, as he gets to unbox a special package from Mr. Accidents. A group drink review leads into an extended-length episode. The full-length show can be seen on Twitch for two weeks, and on our Patreon thereafter.

topics include: Creative Accidents, mail, package, Uncle punk rock drawing, Lucha libre wrestling masks, Swirl whipped cream drink, flea market, vinyl stickers, Twitch, Medusa, shipping prices, t-shirts


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Q Drinks Masked Vomit Storm

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