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The Ochelli Effect 8-3-2018 Chuck Solo

Chuck goes Solo on a Friar’s Day Ochelli Effect.

In the first hour, We break down the recent press briefing from Sara Huckabee Sanders where she complains about her treatment by the press. The odd Lying mouthpiece for Russian Agent Orange is upset that a comedian poked fun at her appearance on August 2 along with her normal Trump is correct and defend stupidity Q & A.

In the second hour, Chuck studied headlines a bit and launched into an extemporaneous presentation on the truth of the truthless QAnon Psyop. Remember boys and girls, Sara Sanders and QAnon devotees are what happens when we bully the weak minded and unattractive.

How did alternative media turn against itself? What is the appeal or the unreal? How badly has the work of legitimate conspiracy researchers been undermined? How severe is is the dumbing down of the public?

Is the long-term damage ever going to heal? How many idiots does it take to buy a BS conspiracy psyop? JFK Jr. might know the answer, but asking him would involve knowing that an out of control 4Chan board now has people protecting the people that may have indeed killed him.

Mythmaking has gone into hyperdrive it seems. Friends don’t let friends do Qanon. Russian Propaganda hand in glove with US intelligence agendas. Trump is the “Deep State”.

Just another Friday on the Ochelli Effect.

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q anon Trump fan fiction

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q anon Trump fan fiction – The Ochelli Effect 8-3-2018 Chuck Solo