Putin Trump Summit Dystopia

The New PTSD Putin Trump Summit Dystopia

The Ochelli Effect 7-24-2018 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile

In the first hour author and analyst, Mike Swanson makes a case that Vladamir Putin has motives and messages that remain unheard bu American audiences. He also talks about how the Russian agenda and the programs of The American Right may not be much different. For the money spent a great deal of value was obtained. Mike digs deeper into Oliver Stone, RT, and an interesting speech given by The President of Russia. Mike’s website is: http://wallstreetwindow.com

Putin Trump Summit Dystopia

The second hour JP Sottile arrives to vandalize the news. This time Chuck opens with a news item about the Guru of panic attacks, The Performance Artist Formerly Known as Alex Jones. Chuck follows his observations with a personal story about DHS reactions to him in his personal life. JP rips through strange land of the latest new normal and how it is replicating itself in horror movie style. Lots of amazing insights in hour 2.


Putin Trump Summit Dystopia


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Putin Trump Summit Dystopia (PTSD)