Purple People Eaters Prevail

The Ochelli Effect 11-6-2018 Mike Swanson, Pearse Redmond, and JP Sottile

Mike Swanson begins telling us about the betting process for predictive politics. Is the “Silent Majority” still a thing?

What does all this mean? Many LIVE election updates during the show continue to show where the lines in political sand continue to be drawn.

Pearse Redmond joined the conversation and Mike Swanson stuck around for the entire second hour.

JP Sottile surprises us all with a call. The 2018 selection process is in full swing. How corrupt does a system have to before logic demands a fresh new structure?

Trump will claim victory no matter what happens. Georgia, New York, and Virginia are discussed. The national attention on Florida and Texas are also tabled during the analysis.

The Best Summation from JP Sottile via Twitter:
“We’re watching a nascent political movement coalesce around a new ideology & harden into new political force. It just purged non-conformers and the “host” party is now fully an expression of its leader’s will. The Trump Borg has taken over. The GOP is now purified.”

Purple People Eaters Prevail

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Purple People Eaters Prevail

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Purple People Eaters Prevail – The Ochelli Effect 11-6-2018 Mike Swanson, Pearse Redmond, and JP Sottile