Purge 2020 Covid19 Quarantine

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 3-20-2020 Ed

Purge 2020 Covid19 Quarantine

(Aaron’s Notes)

AoT #277

Amid Covid19, 2020, Aaron takes a moment to reflect on the unique situation we are all in. So much has changed, while so much has stayed the same.

topics include: Corona Virus, California, quarantine, social distancing, presidential election prediction, Biden/Sanders 2020, families spending time together, homeschooling, Common Core curriculum, uncertainty, gun fantasies, martial law, frustrated parents, Ed in WA, going in public, Boomer Remover, church and state, Chet Hanks, China

Utp #173

Uncle does a worldwide transmission against disease from his suburban bunker in Southern California.

topics include: Corona Virus, rain, Covid19 risk factors, picking oranges, retiring in Florida, The Villages, Kirkland tequila, Costco, eyeglasses, agave, working with the public, Juggalos, Tila Tequila, government, vaccines, cabin fever, dentures, talking at the dinner table, crack room, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Ed in WA, Bill Gates, Baseball, dinner conversation, Seinfeld Soup Nazi, look but don’t touch, Trump reelection, politics

Purge 2020 Covid19 Quarantine

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Purge 2020 Covid19 Quarantine – The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 3-20-2020 Ed