Punisher Series Violence Sexual Diplomacy

Ochelli Effect 11-27-2017 Regular Joe , Dylan Wade , Dr. Faith Harper PhD

Hour 1 : PUNISHER 

Regular Joe and Dylan Wade join Chuck in his first LIVE show back from Dallas to break down their impressions of the latest addition to the Marvel live action universe. Very little comic book material is covered as Dylan and Joe are not familiar with the cannon of comic book Frank Castle. However the very real issues and real world illustrations in this modern re-telling of the formerly Vietnam era veterans story along with care for all the side characters is discussed in depth as the trio take you through much of the first three episodes in the 2017 NETFLIX series. Spoiler alert this is Chuck favorite Comic Book Hero , and he is pleased with the series.

Punisher Series Violence Sexual Diplomacy

Hour 2 : Sexual Harassment and Assault in the New Normal ??

It it bleeds it leads , and if Victims can be exploited the TV won’t let them be avoided. That is the superficial nature of the beast we call American Corporate Media. Let’s Do Better than that… Faith Harper returns to have a conversation that is simply not being had elsewhere as the MSM and SJW make and re-make the narrative of what is worthy of being called assault and what this means for all involved. WARNING this is fairly blunt in it’s presentation. Faith has agreed to return again soon to continue on a subject that seems to make everyone a bit uncomfortable. The conversation needs to continue and be as honest as possible if there is any hope of preventing far too many traumatic events in people’s lives. Sex can be a weapon, but it does NOT have to be. Public discourse on the subject has lacked context , and in Chuck’s Opinion this is reckless at best. This should not become another political football.

Dr. Faith Harper PhD is a licensed professional counselor,  LPC board supervisor, certified sexologist, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and certified applied clinical nutritionist in private practice in San Antonio, TX as well as wife to Joseph Green.

Author and progressive thinker one can begin exploring her work @ http://www.theintimacydr.com/books–zines.html

Punisher Series Violence Sexual Diplomacy

Faith has co-authored work with Joe Green but has done a voluminous amount of work in her own field independent of that work as well. Lear More about Dr.Harper here >>> https://www.faithgharper.com/


Punisher Series Violence Sexual Diplomacy :

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Punisher Series Violence Sexual Diplomacy