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The Ochelli Effect 8-7-2018 Mike Swanson and Jp Sottile

  • First hour

The red scare, and the cold war template as discussed by Michael Swanson. The Author of “The War State” and man behind Wall Street Window .com presents talks about history reclaiming itself.

The attraction to fear that drives the post-9/11 reality in finance and sentiment is examined.

The Crazy World of Elon Musk and the potential for a new market scandal based on the odd announcements from the Tesla CEO.

Public versus private trade and raising of revenue is explained. What’s with rich guys and Twitter?

Is Caesars Palace another castle of sand? How far has the paradigm come since the 1950’s? Is that when America was allegedly great?

Pump and Dump is a working business model.

  • Second Hour

California is on fire! JP Sottile joins the conversation.

The Newsvandal distills brand identity, public access, and the long-forgotten trust of the airwaves.

Is the Performance Artist Formerly Known as Alex Jones merely a crisis actor in the free speech martyr game?

Is this the payoff for the controlled opposition? Public access T.V. and Ma Bell were things at one time.

What kind of Monopoly game is this? Is this my beautiful wife? Is this my house? Is the American dream the zombie it was, or just another corpse on the ash heap of history?

The days go by, and the water’s flowing underground.

Jp Sottile is no talking head. He’s a hell of a lot more!

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The Ochelli Effect 8-7-2018 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile.

Publication Privateers Market