Public Brainstorming Boiler Effect

The Ochelli Effect 1-11-2021 Hesher and Regular Joe

Public Brainstorming Boiler Effect

Chuck and Hesher got together for a Monday night discussion to develop a co-operative series on the basic premise that will shape what may be called “The Boiler Effect”. Are you about to get caught in a mosh?

Regular Joe joined the conversation to provide the voice of The Ochelli Effect listeners. A show was proposed for Regular Joe and Randy J from ACR’s group.

Suggestions and notes from listeners are not only encouraged during this process but essential.


Chuck and I are working on a new show, we decided we’d brainstorm it and develop it LIVE on air so that you listeners could have a window into how we create what we are working on. Let me know what you think and please share it around. We’re hoping to make something that will be evergreen, noobie friendly, informative, and not require a lot of assumed knowledge on the part of the listener, while at the same time being something that long-time media maniacs can take something good away from.




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Public Brainstorming Boiler Effect

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