Project Promote Suicidal Tendencies

The Ochelli Effect 2-27-2019 Chuck Solo

Project Promote Suicidal Tendencies

(A Note From Jeffrey Matte)

I wish to thank everyone who listened and I hope that some of the information can be of service to you. Also, please support the Ochelli Network…I have a deep respect for Chuck Ochelli and his commitment to real analysis and dialogue. Here are a few links that were part of tonight’s discussion. I invite everyone to do their own research and double-check everything that you feel is important.

How can seemingly beneficial technology be used against us? Here is an example below of only the good side being displayed.

Here is a portion of the Wired article that I feel stands out to me.

“The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has gone to many strange places in its search for ways to identify terrorists before they attack, but perhaps none stranger than this lab on the outskirts of Russia’s capital. The institute has for years served as the center of an obscure field of human behavior study – dubbed psychoecology – that traces its roots back to Soviet-era mind control research.

What’s gotten DHS’ attention is the institute’s work on a system called Semantic Stimuli Response Measurements Technology, or SSRM Tek, a software-based mind reader that supposedly tests a subject’s involuntary response to subliminal messages”

Here is one of the individuals who are behind this technology.

If you take several decades of this technological development and you combine it with a revolution (today) which has been hijacked by our globalist masters and tie it to an economic collapse you have the perfect recipe for mass suicide… Here is an example of what could trigger this horror.

I also wish to thank all first responders and military personnel that signed up for the right reasons to protect the American people. You have my support and gratitude. The American element in today’s corporate democracy needs to emerge and overcome the globalist element the United Nations = THE DEEP STATE. Can the American people finally get a real government by the people for the people? I think so…. and I would love to see in my lifetime a true American Military and Intelligence community. That possibility is now on the horizon and with the right information, you are the solution. It’s an honor to have your attention and precious time.

Jeffrey Matte

Project Promote Suicidal Tendencies

(Note From Chuck)

I feel as though I side-tracked this discussion far too much.

I will do better in the future to avoid this.

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