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Daniel Richards returns to The Ochelli Effect 5-23-2018

Ten months after our first meeting with Independent Wrestlings best “heel” “The Progressive Liberal” drops in to define his political views and talk about how things have evolved in his career since last year. Plus tell us about one The  5-25-2018 Event .

Daniel has Chuck’s respect for being a talented wrestler that not only irritates Trump’s Cult 45 followers but also remains true to himself. In other words, The Progressive Liberal Agenda is not an act. His realistic assessment of many political issues as he explains them is common sense based and goes beyond the 30 second sound bite of most politicians. After all, If Jessie Ventura can become a mayor, and Governor, perhaps the Progressive Liberal could be a candidate for office in the near future.

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The conversation on this mid\week Ochelli Effect sounds much more reasonable than nearly any we hear the average politician.  His finishing move “The Liberal Agenda” might be a little more classic libertarian than some think.  We hope Daniel Richards continues to rise as a star among cultural icons. He deserves it.

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Progressive Liberal The Agenda