Problem Reaction Solution Distraction

The Ochelli Effect 7-16-2019 Michael Swanson and JP Sottile

Problem Reaction Solution Distraction

Should we all know better? Mike Swanson started off the conversation on TYR’s Day navigating the news that isn’t newsworthy.

Everyone playing, “How Racist is It”? while the news cycle slips away from other issues makes for a distracted public. Chuck speculated about how Jerrfey Epstein made his money, and Mike talked about the new normal of financial management.

What happened to the Iran conflict of 2019? Is the economy good for anyone not in the elite class? Michael takes us through many functional issues that have been obscured by the latest outrage.

JP Sottile came on in the second hour to do the dirty work on unraveling the latest web of denial and confirmation bias for the Trump era of outrage. Is the next weapon of mass distraction another disease scare? Are we living in a live-action version of a South Park episode?

What is the level of culpability that should be ascribed to the MSM for making the race card continue to rise to the top of the deck decade after decade? How many times does the public need to slip on a banana peel before learning? Shoutout to Patricia B., the executive producer for the entire month of July and (Thankfully) longest standing listener supporter of the show.

Are the immigrants of today any different from the Italian, Irish, and Chinese influxes of the past? JP gives us a depressing history lesson that seems to have gone unlearned by far too many Americans. Is every media campaign this deep?

Plus Chuck says that all media is for sale and provides partial insight into the campaign for the Trump Train that never got a hole punched on The Ochelli Effect ticket.

Problem Reaction Solution Distraction

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Problem Reaction Solution Distraction


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The Ochelli Effect 7-16-2019 Michael Swanson and JP Sottile

Problem Reaction Solution Distraction