Pride Prejudice Pandemic Pogrom

The Ochelli Effect 5-29-2020 Roundtable

Pride Prejudice Pandemic Pogrom

(Chuck’s Thoughts without attempting to be clever)

I am not happy that we have to do shows like this.

It should please no one that America is in the state it is in.

Protests are required, destruction in the wake of them should be expected, and the core reasons for what you see disturbing you are nearly unaffected.

Police do not protect most of us, they certainly serve nearly none of us.

None of us should breathe easy, Some of us will be denied the ability to do so by people in uniforms for no good reason.

Justice is nearly always denied and the justifications supplied do little but fill the abused with rage. Racism is not the only issue, but to ignore abuse is to make the ignorant accomplices during the fact.

I simply feel as though the majority of us who do not possess the means to buy retail results in the alleged justice system are left to merely comply, die, or find a way to occupy another place and time. Can you breathe?

B Pete and Kent represent some arguments that many have in the debates that always come along with the essence of the unspoken constant of Policy Enforcers versus the rest of us.

Meanwhile, the so-called son-of-a-bitch NFL Football player taking a knee sparked outrage among a large segment of society that has fallen silent when the world got to see a pig take a knee on a man’s neck.

I am disgusted and not likely to get over it any time soon. How about you?

Pride Prejudice Pandemic Pogrom – The Ochelli Effect 5-29-2020 Roundtable

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