Presented Never Invented

The Ochelli Effect 2-8-2019 Regular Joe

“If you can’t present it, invent it”. Regular Joe boils down the methods of destruction Cult 45 have adopted against the truth. The design of alternative reality brought to you by the makers of alternative facts. All give some, and some give all.

Regular Joe came on to help Chuck avoid ranting. Your five minutes is up! Orwell must be smiling on The EU from hell. It’s time for another Kent State according to some fool. Maybe Berlin needs a wall around instead of through it this time.

The acting AG power-lifted a ton of Trump BS in front of a live audience . Breaking Bad Virginia, when is the Meth scandal due out? It is still Black History Month. In 2019 it took eleven specialists to evaluate an orange turd the elites dumped on us all in 2016. What in the hell is that smell?

How many QUEEN songs can Madison Ave. make us hate? The much dumber version of the Bush Crime Family is still skating on any real pinches. Happy Death Day didn’t need a sequel. Most people are psychosocial, your alleged leaders are psychopathic Socialist. Few know what a bastard sword is. Impeaching the LT. Governor of Virginia is easier than impeaching the clearly deranged President of The allegedly United States.

The illegal Aliens from Bizarro World need to stop coming to our world. You can’t build a wall for that. Why are you reading this? Valentine’s day is coming. Get your bribes and tribute ready. Perhaps someone at The Atlantic listens to The Ochelli Effect

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Presented Never Invented

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Presented Never Invented – The Ochelli Effect 2-8-2019 Regular Joe