Post September Eleven casualties

The Ochelli Effect 6-12-2019 Jon Gold

Comedian John Stewart made headlines and actually did a good thing reminding many that casualties continue to mount long after the events of an otherwise typical Tuesday in 2001.

On Wednesday Chuck spoke with Jon Gold and you hear an emotional discussion about the very real price paid by the many victims of the events of and after September 11, 2001.

Many more than 3,000 lives were taken. Some death is swift and some death is slow, but in nearly 18 years since the parade of murder and collateral damage started, No accountability has been part of the procession. Whatever hairs you want to split, We were lied to about 9-11.


Specific Video Referenced during discussio:

Post September Eleven casualties

(Notes From Jon Gold)

I want to thank Chuck Ochelli for having me on. This is obviously a tough subject. Hopefully, I was able to share some much-needed perspective and context for people. Much love and respect to Jenna Orkin and John Feal.

House Judiciary Hearing on September 11 Victims Compensation Fund

The first time I learned about the environmental impact of 9/11 from an amazing individual, Jenna Orkin

Here is my interview with Jenna

Here is a link to
and a link

Jon Gold Online:

Post September Eleven casualties

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Post September Eleven casualties – The Ochelli Effect 6-12-2019 Jon Gold