Possible Suspect JFK Assassination-The Ochelli Effect.

The Ochelli Effect-2017-07-13 with Carmine Savastano.

Hour one.

Possible Suspect JFK Assassination.

Rumour and stories from the firs month following the JFK assassination. In Search of, Possible suspects

JD Tippet name variations , and the Myth of JDT for JFK body snatch and switch/

Armstrong’s work, he did a good job of gathering information, a bad job of interpreting it.

Anomalies in the official record, not well sanitised, it’s full of things that shouldn’t be there. If the records were well scrubbed as some contend.

The Fair Play for Cuba committee. for the initial weekend Oswald is a suspected member , but is it possible , as more Lore is piled onto the assassination.

John Quigly intervened Lee Harvey Oswald, he found no evidence that Oswald was connected to the FPCC ‘, and called his stories. ‘self serving statements’. This certified in some estimations that Oswald was a member. Despite claims from a mister Gibson , there may be no there , there.

McDonald, a drunken man making bald claims, $25,000 to assassinate the president. but NO evidence to really speak of.

Exaggerated, fabricated, and memoirs full of fiction. JVB and many more.

Hour two.

The programmed to kill scenario ascribed to possible suspects in JFK ,and RFK assassinations.

The Manchurian Candidate movie released in 1962 , the book in 1959 , both seemed plausible at the time in the cold war atmosphere.

Anonymous letter Edwin Walker and Oswald as the possible suspect. and more JFK rumours are born.

Possible Suspect JFK Assassination: John Henry Hill alleged verbal attack on the president, and threat to kill. Not a complete portrait that means Mr. Hill is a viable assassin in the JFK case , but that it is possible there were other suspects with possible means , motive and opportunity that may have been missed in earlier inquiries.

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Possible Suspect JFK Assassination.