Pop goes animated sex and violence

The Ochelli Effect – Friday 10-6-2017 – Pearse Redmond

Friend of the show and fellow radio host Pearse Redmond joins Chuck on short notice to capture the current zeitgeist in a two hour discussion. Examining all things ranging from the alleged protests being planned on November 4 2017 to the less than likely chances of success for those that wish to remove the twisted thorn of sexual violence and lust for blood that may or may not be uniquely American in it’s intensity. What of the mass shooting in Vegas? Is there such a thing as Liberalism any longer? Are government agencies conducting data collection with the new trump spin on the agenda? What in the Hell is actually wrong with the man-child Trump? Guess we’ll see? Sadly no one noticed Roger Stone recently? Wars,Rumors of Wars, News , Rumors of News? Pop goes animated sex and violence  Is stupidity and thus support for Agent Orange a reginal consideration? By The way is Puerto Rico all good now? How are you actually doing? All this , Pop goes animated sex and violence  , bad jokes , hunting for humans , the Bundy ranch events , and a lot more on this friday Ochelli Effect.



Pop goes animated sex and violence

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Pop goes animated sex and violence