Political Popcorn Abridged Door

Popcorn Politics 12-22-2020 Brian Kramer and Random Clips

Political Popcorn Abridged Door

On today’s abridged episode of Popcorn Politics, Brian Kramer and I discussed a multitude of things happening in the political arena right now, from mind-numbingly bad strategic decisions to mind-numbingly dumb policy decisions.

Jimmy Dore is in the news pushing for a floor vote on Medicare For All, arguing that even if it doesn’t pass, it won’t, it will tell us who the left can call an ally. This move is shortsighted for many reasons, but the chief among them being this central premise that a cosponsor list is less reliable than a floor vote. This premise would have validity if Medicare For All had a prayer of passing. A symbolic vote like this would be is no different from putting your name on the cosponsor list!

The other problem with this plan is that the inevitable failure of the legislation means that it will lose favor with the public.

We saw this play out in the Democratic primary, elites signaling that they don’t like certain policies can kill those policies in the mainstream. Burning the inroads that are being made with mainstream Democratic voters for a symbolic vote that will do more harm than good is an unbelievably bad idea.

We also discussed the strange decision by the incoming Biden administration to not roll back

Trump’s immigration policies. I didn’t have much faith that the Biden administration would create lots of change and improve people’s lives beyond going back to the Obama years, but it seems that even those expectations were optimistic. With this move, Biden spits in the eye of Latino voters, who were already unhappy with Biden as the nominee, and leftists who attempted to make a good faith lesser of two evils argument. This puts into question what else Biden will neglect to roll back.

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Political Popcorn Abridged Door

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