Political Points Discovery Trek

Popcorn Politics 1-19-2021 Brian Kramer and Chuck Ochelli

Political Points Discovery Trek

On today’s episode of Popcorn Politics, Brian Kramer and I discuss the aftermath of the Capitol riots, how things might proceed going forward, and how Democrats and Republicans are planning to respond to politics in the post-Trump era.

First off, impeachment; we discuss whether the impeachment actually matters in terms of either a conviction or simply as a messaging tool. We also discussed the choice of Jaime Harrison for DNC chair. I find this choice to be emblematic of Democrats’ typical problem, looking backward and learning the wrong lesson.

Brian and I discuss whether the strategy of raising obscene amounts of money is the best role for DNC chairs, or if they’d be better served taking the lead of organizers. We also discuss the choice of Gary Peters to lead the DSCC, another perplexing choice as his entire claim to fame is that he’s so generic you can’t remember his name.

In hour 2, Chuck Ochelli and I discuss Star Trek Discovery Season 1. This is a show that’s hardly discussed, but when it is, it’s largely maligned by Star Trek fans for a variety of reasons.

Chuck and I take a different tact though, season 1 isn’t great in its own right, but was planting seeds for the future.

Discovery’s greatest strength lies in its characters. The main cast gets interesting and complex arcs that aren’t obvious and expected, we see them challenged in ways that you wouldn’t expect.

Discovery also doesn’t rely on fan service to get by, it weaves in references and winks to the source material organically and seamlessly; to the point where I, a new Trek fan, didn’t really notice the fan service.

We discuss all of this and more on the episode. Enjoy!

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Political Points Discovery Trek

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