Political Circus Crazy Train

The Ochelli Effect 10-23-2019 JP Sottile and BPETE

Political Circus Crazy Train

Who’s a Russian Asset? Is Everyone exhausted? It’s all about the oil, Stupid! Tulsi is a sucker’s bet.

Jp Sottile started the Wednesday show with his usual bright-eyed analysis off the headlines. Sadly the Newsvandal also let us know that if Trump is POTUS after the 2020 selection he will also quit being the Newvandal.

JP’s masterpiece that gets daily confirmation:

Chuck and Jp discussed the 2015 – present madness in Politics and the News Business. Tracing the days that were not-so-long-ago when the second hour of most Tuesdays had a less draining theme.

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In the second hour, BPETE kept part of the discussion going. Chuck and BPETE also discussed possible solutions for the current system of representation in America that only seems to represent the highest bidders in the game of corruption bingo that prevails today.


Also, Tulsi Gabbard came up again as the DNC clown tent was examined. It seemed like everyone on this show might want HRC to just shut the hell up. However, If she wrote the fake Cuban Missle Crisis era mock letter, someone nearby may indeed be a comic genius/

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Political Circus Crazy Train

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Political Circus Crazy Train – The Ochelli Effect 10-23-2019 JP Sottile and BPETE