Political Cartoons Capitalism Consumes

The Ochelli Effect 10-23-2020 Roundtable

Political Cartoons Capitalism Consumes

Tech and Mrs.O call in on the Friday Night Open Mic with Co-host B Pete. Does anyone miss the Peanuts? Does anyone remember Rocky and Bullwinkle?

Conservatives are Evil, they may not know it but they are. B Pete argues that Dems are eviler. Chuck disagrees but only in that they are a one-party machine that despite brainwashing amounts to about the same thing.

Are you the least racist person in the room? Have all the holiday specials been special? Some people claim that masks have given them staff infections in their faces. They look like Herpies to Chuck. The alleged Election is coming. Will anything be resolved on November 3rd?

Fragmentation of information is in full effect. The white ball that is Q is doing a fine job of revealing stupidity in America. The fix is in. We are far beyond any normal, new, or otherwise.

The Big November 3 Selection Night Ochelli Effect Special will feature Mike Swanson, Jp Sottile, John Barbour, Ted Edmonson, Your Calls, and James Corbett. It will be 4 hours of something other than corporate network coverage.



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Political Cartoons Capitalism Consumes

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