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The Ochelli Effect 4-2-2018 Chuck Solo

Numbers alone cannot decide victory in any War. This particular Moon Day Chuck goes it alone and takes a few extra breaks. Starting to heal he covers many headlines that caught his eye in the past few days and reads from some of those stories. There is also a pause to Thank Many who have recently stayed with The Ochelli Effect and even made it possible for Chuck to secure medicines to begin to heal from a rather long illness that has stretched further than the six weeks Chcukkeeps mentioning. Meanwhile, it is an odd Black Sabbath track that inspires some of the later commentaries about the self-assembled echo-chambers Chuck observes, and even the mentions of the stranger sights in Chuck’s recent attempts to get fresh air. Planet caravan lyrics meaning indeed. Breaks contain music by independent artists Metal Life Crisis, Cirrus Minor, and were taken for a few reasons. A full 2 hours to get The Ochelli Effect back on track. Upcoming discussions are mentioned. Not one caller, this time and messages on skype and in chat, indicated some people felt nervous to deal with the mood Chuck was in. Let’s see how the rest of the week plays out. After all, It’s only one day after April Fools Day (The Official Holiday of Trump Supporters), and the pranks seem to be in bloom.

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planet caravan lyrics meaning

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