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The Age Of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 7-19-2019

(Aaron’s Notes)

AoT 237

Socialism doesn’t work, but what about Communism? It seems to be working well for the Chinese government, much to the bewilderment of Republicans and Libertarians in America.

topics include: Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, China, government, private industry, venture capital, technology, internet, cellular phones, apps, USA, Silicon Valley, Kai-Fu Lee, infrastructure, jobs market, automation, economy, factories, politics, Republicans and Democrats, ethical codes in US tech industry, free markets, Occupy Wall Street, one-percenters, Ronald Reagan, trickle-down economics, Donald Trump, tariffs, Ai, data, magic, marketing, public relations, Edward Bernays, propaganda

Utp 144

We were all given a first look at Top Gun Maverick via the new film trailer last night. Here, Uncle gives his thoughts on it while simultaneously doing a dollar store beer review.

topics include: Top Gun, movies, make up artists, street team, IPA beers, beer spill, The Listening Party Podcast, gay cinema, sword shops, practice katana blade, Pure Blades

Pinko Capitalist Pigs Beer

(Producer’s Notes)
Aaron is asking for trouble getting into the left/right arguments.
I’m gonna just have fun in the chatroom.
My throat is killing me.
Robin is killing me with calling on skype.
Better than spending money to call in
Street Cream is now a thing I guess
No V8 beer this time?
More Fun in Chat
The Party is over for the party people
How gay is Top Gun?
Damn, my throat hurts
Does Uncle realize that film is like 30 years old?
I love it when Archer did the whole danger zone thing
Talk to me goose

Pinko Capitalist Pigs Beer

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Pinko Capitalist Pigs Beer – The Age Of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 7-19-2019