Pharmaceutical Domestic Terrorism

The Ochelli Effect 2-20-2019 Chuck Solo

MSM Crib Notes:
Welcome to collusion confusion. Do you want Freedom Fries with that Nothing Burger? Adding an Orange Donny Wall-Banger as your beverage makes it a valueless meal. Orange Fool-Aide is also an option. McCabe’s magical mystery media tour presents: Putin’s puppet POTUS, Stills, Nash, and Young. When is the next Fake Emergency scheduled? The Mueller report is expected next week. Trump has full confidence in his lapdog AG. Only poor criminals get punished, after all.

In other Trumpet news, word on the street reveals Roger Stone is renting his Florida home to help with legal expenses. Every broadcast is just another brick in the wall. How many indictments and lawsuits are too many? Beavis is reborn in the form of Eric Trump.

Weed is still more dangerous than Special K. How about we nose spray that depression away? Is getting high a way to be happier? New and improved products from the makers of asbestos-laced baby powder. How is the inflation blended with Rich-mans tax cuts treating you?

Do you have a sneaking suspicion The Isis Crisis narrative is about to get a reboot? New additions to the script may include ISIS Bridezillas and Road-Trips to Iran. A replacement for the MIA MAGA Bomber was selected from the ranks of the coast guard and he allegedly had bigger plans for his bigger attitude. Life happens in the gray areas of Life. Death is just a part of a ride. Pain is profit and prophetic morons are entertaining. Though your experiences may vary, You are libel to endure originalism or sink into the background from time to time.

Pharmaceutical Domestic Terrorism

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Pharmaceutical Domestic Terrorism

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Pharmaceutical Domestic Terrorism – The Ochelli Effect 2-20-2019 Chuck Solo