Phantom Patriot Sword-Swinging

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 9-18-2020 Tea Krulos

Phantom Patriot Sword-Swinging

AoT #287

Tea Krulos is the author of the new book, American Madness. It is partially a biography of Richard McCaslin, better known as the Phantom Patriot. The man most famous for his raid of the Bohemian Grove is certainly a unique case study concerning American conspiracy culture, but his brand of madness is becoming more and more common.

topics include: Tea Krulos interview, real-life superheroes, Pahrump Nevada, truth groups, breaking into Bohemian Grove, swords and guns, prison time, comic artwork, videos, truth groups, loner, internet culture, attention-seeking

UTP #194

Uncle returns and the show gets back to business. Sword talk, digging in the mailbag, and a call from super juror Ed all make for a fun episode.

topics include: swords, Resurrection Ertugrul, binge-watching shows, Masonic bibles, death metal, postcards, jury duty, the American justice system, Phantom Patriot, B, Corona Virus

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Phantom Patriot Sword-Swinging

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