Phantom Patriot Real Unlike Trumpets

The Ochelli Effect 9-21-2020 Tea Krulos and JG Michael

Phantom Patriot Real Unlike Trumpets

Tea Krulos is the Author of:
American Madness: The Story of The Phantom Patriot and How Conspiracy Theories Hijacked American Consciousness


Richard McCaslin, who’s fractured thinking made him the ideal consumer of even the most arcane of conspiracy theories. Acting on the daily rants of Alex Jones and his ilk, McCaslin takes matters into his own hands to stop the unseen powers behind the world’s disasters who congregate at conspiracy world’s Mecca- The Bohemian Grove. It all goes wrong with terrible consequences for the man who styled himself-The Phantom Patriot.

Chuck and Tea discuss McCaslin and speculate about how he may have been a multi-media superstar in 2020 had he lived.

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JG Michael the master of the Parallax Views podcast universe talked with Chuck in the second hour and both of the show hosts vented current frustrations.

What in the hell is wrong with people?



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Phantom Patriot Real Unlike Trumpets

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