petrodollar system collapse


The Ochelli Effect-2017-07-20 Jim Willie petrodollar system collapse
The Ochelli Effect with Jim Willie.

Hour one.

petrodollar system collapse

Jim’s been sick for weeks, but starting to feel better.

Why is the MSM constantly talking about exchange rates?

petrodollar system collapse?

A lot of movement different currencies, and the dollar collapse.

The Euro is on the rise, all seems well in central Europe, but Jim says it’s not.

The dollar is in deep trouble due to the petrodollar system collapse.

The Chinese are going to buy Saudi oil with their own currency.

Threats of sanctions from Germany, and they are going to ignore the Russian sanctions.

Germany is starting to flip east as Jim predicted some years ago.

American opinion or policy doesn’t matter any more

The entire energy market is moving away from dollars [13 mins in].

OPEC is now toothless because of , petrodollar system collapse?

Treasuries are being dumped, who’s picking up the slack?

Jim and Chuck are both obnoxious , and happy about it.

Iran dumped 80 tankers full of oil onto the market

bonds and the petrodollar system collapse

Countries are going to dump treasuries putting massive pressure on derivatives

The US will be loosing the global reserve currency.

Did the German’s get their gold back? 140 tons of stolen gold in Libya.

Is Trump a clown or a genius? or genius at being a clown?

Trump asked Germany to pay more towards NATO, the Germans seem to have another plan.

NATO is coming apart?

Gold standard and Don’t forget Silver.

Did the German’s get their gold back?

German air force suffering from parts shortages

Turkey buying S400 missile systems from Russia

Chemtrails, GMO food and seeds, vaccines , primer for petrodollar system collapse

Global currency reset to replace dollar

Germans are printing marks others to in Europe

Euro behind the curtain

Fort Knox is empty , or maybe not

economic stagflation

domestic only Dollar 2.0

The system will offer the cure to collapse

What role will France and the NEW Mark play?

DC vs. The rest of the world.and the petrodollar system collapse

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Hour two

Kim , and Kim Jung Un , plus other fascists?

SJWs Suck

Why can’t certain subject be discussed on FaceBook?

Vaccines and chemical elements involved in the rise of sexual deviations.

petrodollar system collapse?

Free Speech safe space, in cyber space ?

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