Personal Pans Shrimp Buffet

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle 4-9-2023 Vanessa Walilko

Personal Pans Shrimp Buffet

The Age of Transitions and Uncle 4-9-2023 Vanessa Walilko

Personal Pans Shrimp Buffet

AoOT #383

Vanessa Walilko is the host of the Personal Pans podcast, and guest on this episode of The Age of Transitions. No one ever said that arcane matters had to be dark and scary, so come join us by listening to our brief conversation.

Topics include: Personal Pans podcast, Pans Paracon, nerd communities, Book It, fundamentalist religion, belief systems, occult info online, metaphysical and physical realities, intelligent design, mathematics and measurements, thoughts, consciousness, missionary work rejected by South American indigenous community, ancient mysteries, paranormal, media literacy

UTP #294

Uncle is joined by special guest Vanessa Walilko of the Personal Pans podcast. More speculation surrounding Jerald Sanders and his buffet is stirred up on this episode of the broadcast.

Topics include: Vanessa Walilko, Personal Pans podcast, Uncle business cards, Landers, desert, astrology, sci-fi, Jerald Sanders Buffet, Giant Rock, Google Maps, Integratron, horror, movies, wrestling, Andy Kaufman, Rowdy Roddy Piper, John Carpenter, They Live fight scene, The Rock, UFC WWE merger


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Personal Pans Shrimp Buffet

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