Peaches Stream UPS Neurosis

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 12-6-2019

Peaches Stream UPS Neurosis

AoT 253

What a strange environment we all populate in this transitory time that is the Age of Transitions. Mansions in Yorba Linda have a short shelf life as they can’t live up to the expectations of new owners. Meanwhile, the plebes who build up such estates by simply going to the dollar store continue doing what they need to do to survive.

topics include: Miami police shooting UPS driver, delivering packages, televised police chases, violence on television, internet media, MSM covering up reality, Yorba Linda, Orange County, class distinctions, nouveau riches, spectacle, mansions, 91 freeway, house on hill, upper-middle-class, filming location, NFL wedding reception, cul de sac, suburbia, Awesome Products, LA, dollar store, homeless, Riverside, wealth, poverty, disparity, sociology, psychology, neurosis of the pursuit of wealth

Step 161

Aaron does his best testing the Uncle Broadcasting System live stream set up. He has to have everything ready to go by New Year’s Eve for the Revolution. This week there were some difficulties, but next week things will be better.

topics include YouTube, live streaming, OBS, broadcast, Uncle, will the president be peached

Peaches Stream UPS Neurosis

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Peaches Stream UPS Neurosis – The Age of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 12-6-2019