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The Ochelli Effect 1-16-2019 Spike Robinson

We are trying to see what happens when a true wild card gets shuffled into The Ochelli Effect deck.

Spike Robinson is a unique figure who will co-host Wednesdays in 2019 and it’s a good solid bet that she will provide a unique sonic element in our conversation mechanism.

Political Correctness is the first general jumping-off point in this podcast. It twisted and turned through personal psychological reflection and sociological analysis that could only be presented by two faster talking north-eastern American-type people.

When is calling something or someone gay a problem, and is Retarded really a cruel term? How subjective are intent and context when it comes to humor? Does anyone care that Italians are stereotyped by everyone including Italians? Lesbo versus Lesbian? When is the proper time to declare a party lesbian central? Little girls make up for their lack of violent outbursts relating to their male counterparts by being exquisitely more vicious. Handicapped people are not as weak as many seem to think they are

Lots of questions have few answers.

PC Principle Muck Linkage

Notes From Spike:
Hi, here’s the vocabulary. com definition of meretricious: https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/meretricious

Open Minds Foundation: https://www.openmindsfoundation.org

My YouTubes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9JWCbFLEsjFzqTI4M4rCwQ?

Oh, and folks can check out the Nostalgia Critic here: https://www.youtube.com/user/achannelthatsawesome

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PC Principle Muck Linkage – The Ochelli Effect 1-16-2019 Spike Robinson