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The Ochelli Effect 8-21-2020 Roundtable

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B Pete co-hosts the Friday Night Open Mic on the Ochelli Effect. Some of our listeners got bumper stickers.

Trump’s taxes may be known soon. Is Russia-gate a hoax? Captain Tripps called in. The internet is not a free speech zone.

The Post Office is not doing well. The alleged alternative media is still checking the hot sheets. Trump’s Triumph of the Will/Corovirus Apprentice continues. Do you see the Lambeth Walk?

Some people whistle while they work to spread disinformation. Regular Joe did not join us.

Many issues are brought up on The Ochelli Effect months before the MSM bothers with them. We have a middle finger for The CIA Asset also known as Anderson Cooper.

2020 has been a long year. We survive better when we work together. Call-in and join us next time.



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Payload Headlines Weaponized Infomercial

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