Payday Monsanto Grounds For Murder

Ochelli Effect 10-20-2017 Payday Monsanto

In the first hour we talk with and play some prime cuts by the one and only Payday Monsanto. Monsanto has been on the Ochelli Effect many times , but this one is a bit special because we actually play a handful of his tracks and find out that Chuck prefers more of Payday’s raw creations.While Playing Tyranus Maximus , Sharks , Naked Truth and Murder by Number we get some insight into the loops and lyrics that made each track what it is. Payday has some trouble with his phone charger and tells us the next Payday Monsanto album may be titled Grounds For Murder , but that may also be with a greater focus on being Sofie’s dad. The second hour rolls around and we get into Payday’s take on the current new normal , Colorado Jet-lag , and much more with better sound on the show , and a World Premiere of a brand new track ATEOTD. It is a real change of pace for Payday.Chuck talks about why he appreciates Payday and the art itself along with the ideas illustrated  are explored. Influences and software choices. Plus a lot more. Payday Monsanto Grounds For Murder

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Payday Monsanto Grounds For Murder

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Payday Monsanto Grounds For Murder