pardon my take please

Monday 4-23-2018 Chuck Solo

The white van attack in Canada. What will that be twisted into? Is basic income the fix that automation in the workforce requires? What does Ro Paul think about Syria? Christian broadcasters embrace Trump. Lots of bits and pieces of current events get covered on a moon day Ochelli Effect. Is hypocrisy in hyperdrive? We thought only Obama enjoyed drone strikes on innocent people. It looks like that’s not true.  How about Yemen? Is that still a thing? Plus lawsuits and other legal; battles swirl. Weapons inspections and Waffle House emp[loyees. Why didn’t a good guy with a gun stop a half-naked shooter in Tennessee?Is there any logic left in the house? Chuck draws a few sketches of the current reality to begin a week that will likely be unique. pardon my take please

International affairs, National news and multiple observations about the many emerging trends in the current reality. A plea for support is also included in Chuck’s solo Monday discussion. Phone calls were requested and random breaks inserted. Feedback about these solo efforts will help determine if you hear many of them in the future. Can we all do better? Perhaps. By the way what kind of terrorist will they tell us is the guy behind the Toronto Van attack? Is the Huckabee connection defining the future for networks designed to push toxic Television preachers? pardon my take please


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 pardon my take please : The Ochelli Effect 4-23-2018