Pardon Me While I Burst

The Ochelli Effect 12-23-2020 Chuck Solo and Mrs.O

Pardon Me While I Burst

The Trump Pardons continue to grow and the system bears its’ ass. Overdoses are killing way too many people.

Wall Street is doing well as you get sick. 2020 was a year of sucking wind. The propaganda says Trump will hang like Saddam. The Stimulus bill is likely to get a veto.

Dumb things Trump has done seem rather petty when you look at the soon-to-swell homeless population. 26 more pardons today keep letting all kinds of bad people off the hook.

Merry Christmas, you filthy animals. Turner broadcasting services will still carry the story of Christmas that makes you want to shoot your eye out. Fake news pays, and fake ads push crap products. It’s good to be the king of the shit show.

Just because you can do a thing means you should do a thing in the American culture that allows witness intimidation as long as you have the right connections. Trumpian Patriots are actually treasonous idiots, but tell them about it because the constitution was written for rich white landowners, so supporting trump by pissing on it actually makes sense.



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Pardon Me While I Burst

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