Pandemic Devs Judy Reboot

Popcorn Politics 5-19-2020 Carmine Savastano and Jeffrey Matte

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Pandemic Devs Judy Reboot

(Notes From Dylan)

In this episode of Popcorn Politics, my guest, Carmine Savastano, and I discussed the Coronavirus conspiracy documentary Plandemic.

This documentary alleges many things, including a vast conspiracy seemingly orchestrated by Doctor Anthony Fauci. This documentary has a major flaw though, as we discuss. Judy Mikovitz, the key witness, is not credible.

Within minutes of the documentary beginning, she lies 3 times. Once about her work, then about her arrest, then about her constitutional rights. Additionally, she dabbles heavily in anti-vax rhetoric, while claiming she isn’t anti-vax. The conspiracy she alleges is going to kill millions but was so mismanaged, they let her make a movie about it. The idea is utterly ridiculous, and we delve deep into her story, allegations, and motive. When the key interviewee is most known for writing scientific papers that get retracted for methodological failures, you have a faulty foundation.

We also delved into the reason people are believing this above all other conspiracy theories.

In hour 2, Jeffrey Matte and I discuss the Hulu miniseries Devs. Devs follow programmer Lily Chan, who begins an investigation into her company’s secret development team after her boyfriend is found dead the day after joining Devs.

The show delves into determinism, fate, the multiverse, and big tech. One of the things that stuck out most to me was the way Forrest, Devs’ CEO, was portrayed. He was reluctant, sympathetic, and single-mindedly driven. He hated what he did, but did it nonetheless. One point of negativity was on the ending, it felt as though we reached the point we were always supposed to reach, but we lost connective tissue. The show felt too short, we got great buildup early on, but it sped up and made the end feel unearned.

Pandemic Devs Judy Reboot

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