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The Ochelli Effect 9-2-2019 Joseph L. Flatley (Mark Jacobson)

Monday we went straight to the Bad Ideas Department. This is Episode 2 of Bad Ideas Department, Audio Section with Author Joseph L. Flatley. A recorded interview of unique interest broken down afterward by Flatley and Ochelli. This one touched Race, Patriot Movements, Media, Conspiracy Culture, PTSD, and even the JFK Assassination. It ain’t easy to Ride A Pale Horse.

(Notes From Joseph L. Flatley)
Mark Jacobson is a writer and journalist based in Brooklyn, New York. He is probably best known for his book American Gangster, which was made into a movie in 2007 starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. The TV show Taxi was inspired by an article he wrote for New York magazine in 1975.

In this installment, we’ll talk about the life and times of Bill Cooper, the subject of Mark’s latest book Pale Horse Rider, as well as para-politics, UFOs, George Romero, and the strange death of Jim Keith. And since this is the Bad Ideas Department, we’ll be sure to bemoan the sad state of journalism in America.

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Pale Horse Rider Jacobson

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Pale Horse Rider Jacobson – The Ochelli Effect 9-2-2019 Joseph L. Flatley (Mark Jacobson)